International Family Law Chamber

Our specialist international children law barristers have a distinguished history of providing advocacy in international family law chamber proceedings for all parties including local authorities, parents, children, CAFCASS, the Official Solicitor and international governments. Our barristers’ legal expertise has been recognised in a significant number of precedent-setting cases, and our barristers attract positive comments from instructing lawyers and the judiciary in London and throughout England and Wales.

Our expert family law barristers provide:

on all international children law issues relating to the international movement of children, whether international child abduction, a ‘leave to remove’ application to take children permanently to live aboard, international surrogacy or adoption, forced marriage aboard, or vulnerable or trafficked children.

4PB has been recognised for several years as the leading international family law barristers’ chambers with the greatest number of specialists at every level in international children law, including being named as “The most experienced, specialist international children set of chambers in the country, if not the world”, by Chambers & Partners.

4PB’s children law barristers also have expertise in urgent cases requiring injunctions, wardship and the inherent jurisdiction of the courts. We have been regularly instructed in short-notice cases where our international family law barristers have sought emergency relief and protective measures, requiring a swift and appropriate response from the courts.

Our specialist international family law barristers regularly present to the profession and the judiciary on the subject of international family law chamber, in particular on international child abduction and on the international movement of children, in accordance with both European Union and non-European children law.

Specialist International Children Barristers