Collaborative family law involves each person engaging their own family lawyer and all agreeing that they will work together in a series of meetings to settle the arrangements needing to be made through agreement rather than by adjudication in court.

  • Most people using collaborative family law to make their arrangements do manage to reach an agreement.
  • The process involves a series of meetings without correspondence between lawyers, leading to greater predictability of costs.
  • All relevant matters can be discussed and the impact on other areas of family life examined, so the relevant process is holistic, although the financial disclosure aspect is no less rigorous than it would be in court.
  • Experts in related fields, for example IFAs, accountants or family consultants, can be brought in to give information and advice on specific relevant matters.
  • 4PB’s collaboratively trained family law barristers can act either as the legal representative or as an impartial expert within the collaborative process to give a neutral view on a point of law.

If you would like more information about how the collaborative practice of family law involving the barristers at 4PB could assist you or your client, please contact our Practice Mangers, on 0207427 5200.

Specialist Collaborative Law Barristers