Sam Woodham

Samantha Woodham is quoted in an article for the Financial Times today on ‘Ten things you ought to know about getting divorced.’


Charles Hale QC

Charles Hale QC has written an article for The Times on ‘Mills v Mills: when should spousal support come to an end?’


Charles Hale QC

Charles Hale QC comments for the MailOnline regarding ‘Mills v Mills’.


Nick Fairbank

Nick Fairbank has written an article on ‘Bankruptcy and divorce: What next for Boris Becker’s assets?’ for the International Advisor.


Charlotte Baker

Charlotte Baker is speaking tonight on ‘International Relocation: Practicalities and Presentation’ at the YRes seminar in Manchester.


The modern family?

Stephen Lyon considers the online divorce process in an article written for The Barrister.  To view the article click here.