Corporate Social Responsibility

4PB is committed to fully integrating corporate social responsibility in our business purpose and strategy. We constantly looking for opportunities to advance both environmental and social sustainability.

Community & Society

Charitable Activity

4PB (both collectively and individually) support a wide range of charities though volunteering, donations or fundraising activities. Beneficiary organisations are most commonly associated with Chamber’s fields of expertise.

We are delighted to be working with Barnardo’s, a number of our barristers and staff have trained to become Independent Visitor Volunteers. Offering support to young people who are leaving the care system.

We support the work of The London Legal Support Trust and participate in their annual London Legal Walk and Great Legal Bake.

Pro Bono Work (Free)

Members of chambers work closely with the Bar Pro Bono unit to represent vulnerable clients who cannot obtain public funding and are unable afford to pay for legal services.

Social Mobility Program

We are honoured to participate in the Bar Councils Social Mobility Program. The program provides opportunities for bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds to see experience life at the Bar.

Our People

Health & Wellbeing

4PB actively promotes the health and wellbeing of our staff, members and pupils. Our wellbeing team actively seeks initiatives to provide training and support.

Regular seminars on wellbeing and stress management form leading practitioners
Provision of a confidential helpline that can provide counselling.
Free gym membership for staff


We have introduced a hardship fund for those successfully offered pupillage. In addition to the pupillage grant, we offer a means tested fund to assist applicants in meeting the cost of the BPTC fees.

Equality & Diversity

Chambers is committed to providing equal opportunities for all staff, members and pupils. We hold annual diversity and equality training for everyone at chambers and produce an annual plan on how we plan to promote diversity and equality.

All those who work or visit 4PB, whether they are barristers, pupils, staff, clients, suppliers or contractors, are treated fairly with respect and courtesy.


4PB has a commitment to reducing our carbon foot print. To this end we have established a ‘Green Team’ who actively pursue opportunities to improve our sustainability by minimising the environmental impact of our operations, specifically by reducing waste and conserving energy.

We are committed using technology more effectively to enable us to where possible change our working practices and become paperless.
We have recycling points around chambers and recycle our paper, card, plastic, computer parts and toners.

All corporate folders are reused and we make every effort to limit the amount of paper that is printed.

Our Clients and Suppliers

4PB seeks to build long lasting honest and fair relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Members and staff are committed to providing excellent legal advice and representation and maintaining the highest standards in all dealings with our clients. Chambers strives to consistently achieve fair and open dealings with our clients.

We are dedicated to the improvement of service to clients by maintaining up-to-date IT and communications and encouraging members to use systems to capacity, and the improvement of the physical environment to meet clients’ needs.
We treat our suppliers fairly and pay them promptly and take into account their CSR strategy when entering into contracts.

The Year Ahead

We want to do well by doing good. This year we’re proud to be members of Heart of the City – they’re supporting us to develop a responsible business programme that will help us have a positive impact on people, places and the planet.

During 2019 we’ll be developing activities around connecting with and supporting our local community, making sure our business practices are environmentally friendly and improving our workplace for employees. We’re excited to keep you updated with what we’re doing!