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4PB News


Do divorces always have to be stressful?

Nicholas Fairbank writes for Spears Magazine about the more palatable alternatives to the hostile litigations couples often face in divorce.


White Paper Conference

Christopher Hames QC is speaking at the White Paper Conference today on the subject of Reasonable Needs: ‘What are the golden rules of how to challenge a spouse’s monthly budget on the grounds of reasonable need? What evidence do you require? What will sway the court? How do you gain and edge?’


4 Paper Buildings is ‘always the first port of call for children law’, where there is ‘a tremendous range of talent at all levels, such that one needs not look elsewhere’. Chambers also contains some ‘heavy-hitting matrimonial finance lawyers’. ‘Despite their in-depth knowledge, members all seem to have their feet firmly on the ground’, and ‘from clerks through to pupils, junior barristers and QCs, everyone is a pleasure to deal with’.
Legal 500, 2017