Senior family law barristers at 4PB provide family law arbitration disputes involving finances and/or property and children, as a binding alternative to using the court process. 4PB’s barrister arbitrators are noted family law experts providing a timely, cost-effective and private resolution of these disputes.

  • Family law arbitration is voluntary. People on both sides of a dispute must agree to submit the dispute to arbitration.
  • Family law arbitration is appropriate for all financial disputes including those arising on divorce, civil partnership dissolution, separation after living together, claims for provision after death, and financial claims on behalf of children.
  • Arbitration can be used to decide all financial matters or specific aspects of a dispute. An arbitrator can make both interim and final decisions.
  • Arbitration is appropriate for certain disputes relating to children. Areas covered under the children arbitration scheme include: issues relating to the exercise of parental responsibility including where the child should live, the upbringing of the child, the present and future living arrangements and any aspects about a child’s education;
    Relocation within England and Wales;
    Relocation, both temporary and permanent, to certain foreign jurisdictions.
  • The process is flexible, and can be tailored to the needs and wishes of those involved and their legal advisors.
  • The process is discreet and confidential
  • The people in the dispute agree in advance that the arbitrator’s decision will be made into a consent order to be set before the court for its approval.
  • Arbitration in family law matters has been approved by the family court as being binding, save for in exceptional circumstances.
  • For more information on family law arbitration, see the website of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA).

If you would like more information about how arbitration by senior family law barristers at 4PB could assist you or your client, please contact our Practice Mangers, on 0207 427 5200. (Please note that all instructions for family arbitration must be made through the IFLA)