Court of Protection Law - Vulnerable Adult

4PB is ideally placed to work on all applications concerning vulnerable adults in the Court of Protection both law and barristers, drawing on our expertise in children and family law. Both areas of law are based on the ‘best interests’ jurisdiction and involve the application of parallel principles, with which we are fully experienced.

The Court of Protection law deals with vulnerable adults who lack capacity under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to take certain decisions themselves. These can be either practical welfare-type decisions or financial matters. The Court of protection barristers makes decisions and also appoints deputies to make decisions in the best interests of those who lack capacity to do so.

Applications in the Court of Protection law relating to the welfare of vulnerable adults can include issues of medical treatment and the deprivation of liberty. We are well used to dealing with sensitive family matters, financial issues, human rights, and contentious medical issues, which we do sympathetically and effectively.

Members of chambers are also able to assist in applications to the Court of Protection barristers relating to the property and financial affairs of persons without mental capacity. We are able to assist in all aspects of the Court of Protection law process from advice to pre-action, assisting in the initial application or through legal representation thereafter.

Specialist Court of Protection Barristers