Away from the court arena, 4PB’s barristers are also experts in all aspects of Dispute Resolution, such as arbitration, private FDRs and mediation.  4PB also has unrivalled experience in providing ‘One Couple One Lawyer’ advice and is the birthplace of The Divorce Surgery.

All of these options offer a route around the cost, delay and stress of court proceedings. They are also conducted in private, which the court setting can no longer guarantee.

As part of its commitment to Dispute Resolution, in 2022 4PB moved out of the Temple to state-of-the-art premises in St Pauls where it is now able to facilitate multi-day arbitrations, multi-party mediations, private FDRs and Early Neutral Evaluations in even the most substantial cases.

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For more specific information about how we can help in your particular case, including in relation to fees, please contact the clerks on
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