4 Paper Buildings is consistently ranked as a leading family set of barristers’ chambers, with currently 35 members recommended in the legal directories as leaders in all areas of family law. Chambers and its members are regularly nominated and win awards for excellence in providing legal services.

What the Legal Directories Say

4PB offers market-leading children matters expertise in both private and public law issues, and has a particular reputation for its depth of international expertise. The set also houses significant expertise in matrimonial finance matters. Its practitioners are no strangers to the appellate courts, having appeared in a high proportion of the most significant recent children cases.

Client service: “The clerks at 4PB are all so easy to work with. They go the extra mile to make things happen,” say sources. Michael Reeves, the head clerk, is described as having “the right balance of cheeky charm and gravitas – everyone respects him and he gets results.”
Chambers & Partners 2018

4 Paper Buildings is ‘always the first port of call for children law’, where there is ‘a tremendous range of talent at all levels, such that one needs not look elsewhere’. Chambers also contains some ‘heavy-hitting matrimonial finance lawyers’ and has ‘made good headway in that area’ in recent times. ‘Despite their in-depth knowledge, members all seem to have their feet firmly on the ground’, and ‘from clerks through to pupils, junior barristers and QCs, everyone is a pleasure to deal with’. Some say the clerking is ‘the best of any family law set’; ‘the well-oiled machine contains agile, proactive and always accommodating individuals’, who ‘know the meaning of personal service and ensure they always provide it’. Senior clerk Michael Reeves is ‘a total star’, first junior Paul Hennessy is ‘responsive, engaged and will always do his best for clients’, and second junior Kenny Martin also ‘stands out for praise’.

With ‘exceptional practitioners’, 4 Paper Buildings has ‘become increasingly stronger over the years’. In no break from tradition, the set appeared several times in the Supreme Court throughout 2016; five members were involved in the landmark case that determined the correct interpretation of “best interests” in the context of transfer applications under article 15 of Brussels II Revised Regulation 2003.

4 Paper Buildings contains ‘some excellent family silks and a good range of juniors’. Members continue to demonstrate their strengths in cases involving financial orders for unmarried parents, internationally complex divorces and arbitration.
Legal 500, 2017

A powerhouse of family law that offers unparalleled depth in all public and private law children-related issues, both international and domestic. The set further has a growing matrimonial finance practice, and its members service high net worth clients in complex disputes concerning large assets.

Client service: “The clerks are incredibly user-friendly; they’re great for solicitors, they’re flexible, they’re reasonable on fees, and they’re prepared to adapt. They know their barristers really well.” The senior clerk is Michael Reeves.
Chambers & Partners 2017

“4 Paper Buildings is ‘a go-to chambers; whether it is Children Act, TOLATA, family finance or international children work, the expert barristers are all equally friendly, helpful and highly skilled advocates, leaving you confident you are in good hands when you have someone from this set on your team’. The clerking is also rated as ‘second to none’; ‘every clerk provides a service that evidences good leadership and personal commitment to the cases in chambers’, and ‘if barristers become unavailable, they work tirelessly to free up alternative counsel’. ‘One of the best clerks in London’, senior clerk Michael Reeves is ‘an absolute asset to chambers, who consistently exceeds expectations’ and ‘is straight-talking, understands matters from a commercial perspective and has shown excellent management in driving chambers forward’. First junior Paul Hennessy also ‘stands out for his understated charm and outstanding efficiency’.

“At 4 Paper Buildings, ‘the entire chambers has an element of confidence and class about it, never better epitomised than through the leadership’ of Alex Verdan QC. The set continues to dominate the market with six members appearing in Re J (a child) in the Court of Appeal and seven members appearing in Re B in the Supreme Court.”

“4 Paper Buildings provides ‘a splendid service’, and ‘goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome’. Counsel were involved in Ramadani v Ramadani, a Slovenian divorce case now being heard in the English High Court. The general trend of internationalisation of divorce and financial remedy work is at the forefront of many members’ practices.”
The Legal 500, 2016

“A clear example of how excellence breeds excellence. I know I will find the right expert counsel there for all types of children law cases, be they care, abduction, medically complex, or international in nature.” It offers market-leading depth and expertise in all aspects of children law, and also commendable experience in financial matters. Members have acted in some of the most high-profile children matters including the recent Supreme Court case of Re LC.

Client service: “The clerking is second to none. I know that I can call any of the clerks there, describe the case and they will find the perfect match. Fees are never an issue and they go out of their way to help. Nothing is too much trouble.” Michael Reeves heads the team.
Chambers & Partners 2016

4 Paper Buildings is ‘a fantastic set for cross-border children work, both public law and private law – you know you are in safe hands when you send a case there’. Alex Verdan QC was involved in major child relocation cases involving the Middle East in 2014, and other members acted in the Re LC Supreme Court child abduction case.

‘A fantastic set with brilliant barristers at all levels’, 4 Paper Buildings is well placed to serve international family finance clients. Clerks Michael Reeves and Paul Hennessey ‘provide a brilliant service’.
Legal 500, 2015

4 Paper Buildings is a renowned set of chambers dealing with the most complex children law proceedings. Both private and public law matters are accounted for, and members are expert in everything from paternity disputes to international abduction, parental authority, and serious injury to children cases.

Members of the public, local authorities and solicitors all beat a path to its door in order to avail themselves of the superior representation on offer here.

The set also has four experienced silks and a number of juniors who handle financial work. They have been involved in leading recent cases, including Young v Young.

Client service: Led by Michael Reeves, “the clerks are immensely helpful. They are realistic and honest and always try to do what they can.”
Chambers & Partners 2015

4 Paper Buildings is ‘the leading children law set’, providing a ‘first-rate service’, and ‘an exceptional group of experienced, thoughtful and intelligent barristers’. It has expertise in domestic and international children disputes, and well as public and private law. In 2013, members represented parties involved in three major children law decisions in the Supreme Court, including the first appeal to the Supreme Court in a Hague Convention case.

4 Paper Buildings has ‘a deserved reputation’ for containing an ‘exceptional group of experienced, thoughtful and intelligent barristers’.

4 Paper Buildings is ‘one of the best family law sets’, and one of the few chambers in London that has real strength in depth in children law as well as family finance work. It is also adept at handling cases with an international dimension, and Court of Protection work, meaning ‘there is a good barrister available for all types of family disputes’. The ‘polite and efficient’ clerks’ room ‘always provides a very good service’. Senior clerk Michael Reeves and first junior clerk Paul Hennessy are often singled out.
Legal 500 2014

This set houses a wealth of talent and has firmly established itself as a leading set for family law. Complex public and private children disputes are areas in which it particularly excels, and it enjoys a fine track record for cases concerning child abduction, child protection and international relocation. In addition, 4 Paper Buildings is also routinely sought after to handle high-value matrimonial disputes. Solicitors say of the barristers here that they are “very innovative in their approach and very holistic in their advice.”

The clerking team, under senior clerk Michael Reeves, receives ample praise from the market, with one source commenting: “They have the best clerks in the business – their clerking is head and shoulders above the rest.”
Chambers & Partners 2014

4 Paper Buildings has ‘unmatched’ strength in children law, and combines ‘first-class barristers’ with clerks who are ‘among the best. 4 Paper Buildings fields ‘a large team of barristers who cover heavyweight financial cases’.
Legal 500 2013

4 Paper Buildings has been further consolidating its position as one of the go-to chambers for family law, adding a number of tenants to fortify its offering in children law and matrimonial finance. It is in the children law sphere that the set is most highly regarded, with one solicitor capturing the general mood by commenting that it has “the absolute cream of children law barristers in London.” Its barristers are proficient in cases concerning public and private law, child abduction and international relocation. The set also has a respected money team, offering expertise in the most complex and high-value disputes.
Chambers & Partners 2013

This expanding set houses “the best children lawyers in London,” who are regularly instructed to handle the most complex public and private children law matters around. It also receives praise for its ability to handle high net worth ancillary relief, and for the high level of client service it offers across the board. Its excellent clerking team is applauded for always providing a “great service even with difficult timeframes.” One observer notes: “I think 4 Paper Buildings must rank highest as the most experienced, specialist international children set of chambers in the country, if not the world.” Peter Jackson QC’s recent appointment to the High Court Bench is testimony of the set’s high quality and reputation.
Chambers & Partners 2012

4 Paper Buildings is ‘the first port of call for any public, private or international Children Act case in the UK’.
Legal 500 2012

This set is a first port of call for highly complex, public and private children disputes. “Simply the best in the business for children work,” it is blessed in housing many of the biggest names in the field. It adds further lustre to its reputation through the fact that it also boasts considerable expertise in high net worth matrimonial finance disputes.
Chambers UK 2011

4 Paper Buildings has an ‘unrivalled collection of senior and junior barristers in the field’. ‘Predominantly known for its children work, but also has some ‘really excellent people for matrimonial finance cases’
Legal 500 2011

This dedicated family set has expanded rapidly in recent years and now has a large number of the leading players in the field.
Chambers UK 2010

At 4 Paper Buildings, Head of Chambers Jonathan Cohen QC has ‘developed a really strong team across the board’. ‘There is now a large number of specialist family lawyers who provide a real in-depth service on all family matters.’ The ‘excellent’ 4 Paper Buildings ‘clerks are very helpful’ and endeavour to solve problems, offering quality alternatives if the chosen counsel is not available.’
Legal 500 2010

4 Paper Buildings covers a broad spectrum of civil and family matters. On the family front it is best known for its children-related work, although its reputation does extend to matrimonial finance as well.
Chambers UK 2009


The Legal 500 Family Set of the Year 2017

Jordan’s Family Law Awards 2016

  • Chris Barnes Family Junior of the Year

The Legal Aid Lawyer Awards 2016

  • Jo Delahunty QC – Winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award

The Legal 500 Family Law Set of the Year 2014

Chambers & Partners 2014 Awards

  • Judith Murray – Family Junior of the Year

Jordan’s Family Law Awards 2013

  • Family Chambers of the Year
  • Jo Delahunty QC – Family Silk of the Year
  • Hassan Khan – Family Junior of the Year

Chambers & Partners Awards 2012

  • Alex Verdan QC – Family Silk of the Year

Jordans Family Law Awards 2012

  • Charles Hale – Junior of the Year
  • Michael Gration – Young Barrister of the year

Jordans Family Law Awards 2011

  • Winner of Family Law Set of the Year
  • Teertha Gupta – Winner of Family Barrister of the Year

Chambers & Partners Awards 2011

  • David Williams – Family Law Barrister of the Year

Chambers & Partners Awards 2009

  • Family Set of the Year


Chambers and Partners 2017

  • Family Set of the Year
  • Client Service set of the Year
  • David Williams QC – Family Silk of the Year
  • Jacqueline Renton – Family Junior of the Year

Family Law Awards – Lexis Nexis 2017

  • Chambers of the Year
  • David Williams – Family Silk of the Year
  • Henry Setright QC – International Family Lawyer of the Year
  • Jacqueline Renton – Family Junior of the Year
  • Indu Kumar – Young Family Barrister of the Year

Legal  500

  • Family Set of the Year
  • Jonathan Cohen QC – Family Silk of the Year
  • Michael Reeves – Senior Clerks of the Year

Chambers & Partners 2016

  • Sam King – Family Junior Barrister of the Year
  • Family Chambers of the Year

Jordans Family Law Awards

  • Julia Townend – Young Family Barrister of the Year
  • Chris Barnes – Junior Barrister of the Year
  • Chambers of the Year

Chambers & Partners

  • Michael Gration – Family Law Junior of the Year

Jordans Family Law Awards

  • Family Law Set of the Year
  • Alex Verdan QC – Family Law Silk of the Year
  • Sam King – Family Law Junior Barrister of the Year

Legal 500 2015

  • Family Law Chambers of the Year

Legal 500 2014

  • Family Law Chambers of the Year
  • Alex Verdan QC – Family Silk of the Year
  • Marcus Scott-Manderson QC – Family Silk of the Year
  • Jo Delahunty QC – Family Silk of the Year

Chambers and Partners 2014

  • Family Law Chambers of the Year
  • Judith Murray – Family Law Junior of the Yea

Jordans Family Law Awards

  • Henry Setright QC – Family Law Silk of the Year
  • Michael Edwards – Young Family Barrister of the Year

Pro Bono Awards 2013

  • Christopher Hames – Sydney Ellan Goldsmith Bar Pro Bono Award

Chambers & Partners 2013

  • Family Set of the Year
  • Jo Delahunty QC – Family Silk of the Year

Jordans Family Law Awards 2013

  • Chambers of the Year
  • Jo Delahunty QC – Family Silk of the Year
  • Alison Grief – Family Junior of the Year
  • Hassan Khan – Family Junior of the Year
  • Andrew Powell – Young Family barrister of the Year
  • David Williams QC – International Family Lawyer of the Year
  • Jacqueline Renton – Legal Commentator of the Year

Chambers and Partners Awards 2012

  • Family Set of the Year
  • Alex Verdan QC – Family Silk of the Year
  • Justine Johnston – Family Junior of the Year

Bar Pro Bono Awards 2012

  • Jane Rayson
  • Maeve O’Rourke

Jordans Family Law Awards 2012
Barristers shortlisted for awards:

  • Henry Setright QC – Family Queens Counsel
  • Charles Hale – Family Junior
  • Michael Gration – Family Young Barrister
  • Jacqueline Renton – Family Young Barrister

Legal Aid Lawyer Awards

  • Justin Ageros nomiated for Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year 2011