Mediation is very often the first port of call for those who would prefer to settle matters outside of court.  It is a private and confidential process which enables open dialogue between participants without the worry that anything said may later be used against them.  It is a structured process which leads to success because the sole focus of the neutral expert mediator is to facilitate the discussions which assists the participants to reach settlement terms within the parameters of the law.

Our trained mediators at 4PB are all experts in family disputes.  We recognise that no two disputes are the same so we flexibly arrange the mediation process to meet the specific needs of each family.  Mediation can take place in person at our dedicated mediation rooms in Chambers or at any other suitable venue convenient to the parties, and on dates and at times which work for everyone.  Participants can also decide whether they would like their legal advisers to be present.  There can be round table discussions or participants can mediate from separate rooms.  Mediation can also take place online.

Our experienced mediators at 4PB are used to mediating complex disputes, working alongside independent experts, working internationally and across different time zones.

  • Mediation is appropriate for any type of family matter. This includes divorce, separation, children’s arrangements, financial and property matters, unmarried couples’ disputes, child relocation, child abduction, and even in some circumstances where the local authority is involved in the care of a child.


  • Mediation can also be a successful process for family business disputes, for succession planning for family businesses, Inheritance Act disputes, Court of protection issues and any situation where decisions have to be made and there are opposing viewpoints.


  • Mediation is appropriate for most people involved in family disputes, but each participant is assessed individually to ensure the process is right for them.


  • Mediation is a voluntary process, aimed towards reaching an agreement and avoiding the stresses, costs and delays of court proceedings. However, it is important to note that the financial disclosure requirements of the court and the discovery processes remain the same.


  • Mediation discussions remain confidential at all times. An Agreement to Mediate is signed by all those attending the mediation to confirm this.


  • 4PB mediators also offer MIAMs before court proceedings.

If you would like more information about how the mediators at 4PB could assist you or your client, please contact our dispute resolution clerk, Denise Fallon, on 0207 427 5200.

You are also welcome to ask to speak to one of our mediators directly, if you feel that would assist you in deciding whether mediation is right for you.