“Jacqueline’s star is shining very brightly and she is in hot demand. Clients like her as she is firm in her advice and forceful in her advocacy. She will go on to even bigger and better things without a doubt.”
Chambers & Partners 2018 – Band 1


Year of Call: 2007


Private International Law Course, The Hague Academy of International Law, Den Haag 2007
Bar Vocational Course, Inns of Court School of Law, 2007
Diploma in Law, City University, 2006
BA (Hons) Theology and Politics, University of Bristol, 2005
Queen Mother Scholarship, Middle Temple, 2006
Queen Mother Scholarship, Middle Temple, 2005


Jacqueline is a Family Law Practitioner who has a specialist interest and experience in the field of international children law. Over the years, Jacqueline has appeared in a significant number of the most important decisions in this jurisdiction (and abroad) in relation to the development of the law in this field. Running alongside her international practice, Jacqueline also has a substantial practice in private children law disputes. Jacqueline appears regularly in the High Court, and has also appeared in the Court of Appeal, the UK Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Jacqueline’s practice encompasses international child abduction (Hague and non-Hague), the recognition and enforcement of foreign orders (under BII(bis) and 1996 Hague Convention), jurisdictional disputes, international contact disputes, relocation (external and internal) and domestic cases concerning child arrangements.

In 2017, Jacqueline was shortlisted for ‘Family Law Junior of the Year’ at the Chambers UK Bar Awards and Jordans Family Law Awards.

To date, Jacqueline has appeared in the following reported cases in this jurisdiction:-

·       W v W [2010] 1 FLR 1342
·       Re H and L [2010] 1 FLR 1229
·       MA v DB [2011] 1 FLR 724
·       EF v MGS [2011] EWCH 3139 (Fam)
·       SJ & Anor v JJ & Anor [2011] EWHC 3450 (Fam)
·       Z (A Child) [2012] EWHC 139 (Fam)
·       A v T [2011] EWHC 3882 (Fam)
·       SJ v JJ [2012] EWHC 931 (Fam)
·       R v A [2013] EWHC 692 (Fam)
·       Re F (Relocation) [2012] EWCA Civ 1364
·       The matter of A (Children) (AP) [2013] UKSC 60
·       C v D [2013] EWHC 2989
·       ET v TZ [2013] EWHC 2621 (Fam)
·       Re F (Abduction: Consent) [2014] EWHC 484 (Fam)
·       Re N (A Minor) [2014] EWHC 749 (Fam)
·       Re LC (Reunite: International Child Abduction Centre Intervening) [2014] UKSC1
·       Re LC (Habitual Residence: Grave Risk of Harm) [2015] 1 FLR 1019
·       LC v RRL & Others [2014] EWFC 8
·       Re R (A Child: Habitual Residence) (2014) [2014] EWCA Civ 1032
·       MD v AA & Another [2014] EWHC 2756 (Fam)
·       Re MM (A Child: Relocation) [2014] EWFC B176
·       Re U-B (Abduction: Objections to Return) [2015] 2 FLR 1382[2015]
·       IB v MM [2015] EWHC 1502 (Fam)
·       Re B [2015] EWHC 2047 (Fam)
·       Re C (A Child) (2015) [2015] EWCA Civ 988
·       AT v SS (2015) [2015] EWHC 2703 (Fam)
·       Re F (Child’s Objections) (2015) [2015] EWCA Civ 1022
·       Re J (Jurisdiction: Abduction) [2015] UKSC 70
·       Re D (A Child) (International Recognition) [2016] EWCA Civ 12
·       Ciccone v Ritchie (No 1) [2016] EWHC 608 (Fam)
·       Ciccone v Ritchie (No 2) [2016] EWHC 616 (Fam)
·       In the matter of N (Children) [2016] UKSC 15
·       K v K (Appeal: Excessive Costs) [2016] EWHC 2002 (Fam) [2016] 1 FLR 170
·       Re H (A Child) [2016] EWCA Civ 988
·       Re R (Internal Relocation: Appeal) [2016] EWCA Civ 1016
·       Re Alcott [2016] EWHC 2413 (Fam)
·       Re Alcott [2016] EWHC 2414 (Fam)
·       Re H (A Child) [2016] EWCA Civ 988
·       Re R (Final) [2016] EWCA Civ 1016
·       CS & Another v PD [2017] EWHC 1514 (Fam)
·       F v M and A and Sec of State [2017] EWHC 949
·       H v K [2017] EWHC 1141 (Fam)
·       Re A (A Minor) (Fact Finding: Unrepresented Party) [2017] EWHC 1195 (Fam)
·       FE v YE [2017] EWHC 2165 (Fam)
·       In the matter of C (Children) [2018] UKSC 8
·       AG and AB (Children) [2018] EWHC 381 (Fam)
·       Re S (Abduction – Hague Convention or BIIa) [2018] EWCA Civ 1226
·       MC v AC [2018] EWHC 1470 (Fam)
·       A & B v C [2018] EWHC 2048

Jacqueline has also filed two amicus curiae briefs in the Supreme Court of the United States of America:-

·         Abbott v Abbott [2009] (judgment in USSC 17th May 2010)
·         Chafin v Chafin (Case no. 11-1347)

Jacqueline’s lectures in this jurisdiction and abroad, and has given evidence in the House of Lords as to the impact of Brexit on European family law. Jacqueline also writes the “International Children Law Update” for Family Law Week.

Jacqueline was shortlisted as “Young Barrister of the Year” at Jordans Family Law Awards 2012 and “Legal Commentator of the Year” at Jordans Family Law Awards 2013.

Prior to coming to the bar, Jacqueline represented Bristol University and Middle Temple in both national and international debating competitions and was England’s Representative on World Debating Council in 2005 and 2006. She was ranked 21st in the world and was an Octo-Finalist at the World University Debating Championships 2005. Jacqueline also lectured on Islamic family law.

Professional Memberships

Family Law Bar Association
Middle Temple
Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline on many international child abduction cases and I have always been impressed by her integrity and the quality of her work. She is a skillful advocate with an encyclopaedic knowledge of her chosen field and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Mark Kosmin-Barr


Focuses her specialised children practice on sophisticated international issues centring on jurisdiction, relocation and abduction. She already has an impressive number of appellate notches on her belt including appearances in the UK Supreme Court.

Strengths: “Jacqueline’s star is shining very brightly and she is in hot demand. Clients like her as she is firm in her advice and forceful in her advocacy. She will go on to even bigger and better things without a doubt.”

Recent work: Led by David Williams QC on behalf of Madonna Ciccone in a high-profile Hague Convention issue.
Chambers & Partners 2018 – Band 1

‘One of a number of specialist junior counsel in the field of child abduction.’
Legal 500, 2017 

Focuses her specialised children practice on sophisticated conflicts centring on jurisdiction, relocation and abduction. She regularly appears in the High Court and the Supreme Court.
Strengths: “She is brilliant on children law and holds herself extremely well in court against much more senior barristers.”
Chambers & Partners 2017 – Band 1

‘She is a pocket battleship, out-manoeuvring and out-gunning opponents.’
The Legal 500, 2016

Widely regarded as one of the rising stars of private children work, she often handles cases with an international element. Her peers value the enthusiasm and maturity she brings to her practice.

Strengths: “Really hard-working, very bright and extremely knowledgeable. She’s got an aura of being a lot more senior than she is. She is going to be one of the big names in family law.”
Chambers & Partners 2016 – Band 1

Has a specialised private law children practice dealing with cross-border disputes pertaining to international custody and abductions.

Expertise: “A ball of energy who is going to go far. She’s certainly doing work well above her call, and is one of the leading people on abduction outside of silk.” “Jacqueline’s appreciation and understanding of the complexities of child abduction cases ensure quick and client-focused outcomes.”

Recent work: Represented the mother in a wardship dispute concerning children who were wrongfully retained in Russia by their father.

Chambers & Partners 2015

Seen as a rising star in cross-jurisdiction children matters, and has been frequently sought after to handle cases relating to child abduction, relocation and international custody/access.

Expertise: “She has an excellent practice and is wise beyond her years of call.”
Chambers & Partners 2014

[2018] EWHC 2048
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