Public Children Law – Local Authority Training for SLLP.

6th May 2020

The Public Children Law team are delivering a series of webinar training sessions aimed at local authority lawyers and social care workers for the South London Legal Partnership.

A summary of the sessions is detailed below. If you are interested in a similar program please email 4PB Seminars.


Session 1: 6th May 2020

Mani Basi and Lucy Logan Green present a legal update covering public law proceedings and local authority input into private law proceedings

The session will aim at providing a case law update tailored to local authority lawyers looking at cases over the last year concerning public law proceedings, local authority responsibilities, and local authority reporting in private law proceedings under s.7 and s.37.



Session 2: 15th May 2020

Jo Porter and Emma Spruce on relinquishment and post-placement order proceedings.

The session will aim at training for lawyers and social workers focused on the relinquishment of children, notification requirements following the Court of Appeal’s decision in A, B and C (Adoption: Notification of Fathers and Relatives) [2020] EWCA Civ 41, and practical ‘post-placement order’ training concerning guidance on avoiding pitfalls placing children for adoption and applications under the Adoption and Children Act 2002.


PII, Police Disclosure & Judicial Review

Session 3: 21st May 2020

Chris Barnes and Harry Langford on PII, police disclosure, JR and local authority powers.

The session will provide an update focused on technical matters relevant to local authority child protection work including public interest immunity, police disclosure following M (Children) [2019] EWCA Civ 1364, local authority powers and judicial review.


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