Legal 500, 2017

12th October 2017

We are delighted to once again be ranked as a Top Tier set for our family work.  We are the specialist family/children set with the barrister rankings.

“4 Paper Buildings is ‘always the first port of call for children law’, where there is ‘a tremendous range of talent at all levels, such that one needs not look elsewhere’. Chambers also contains some ‘heavy-hitting matrimonial finance lawyers’ and has ‘made good headway in that area’ in recent times. ‘Despite their in-depth knowledge, members all seem to have their feet firmly on the ground’, and ‘from clerks through to pupils, junior barristers and QCs, everyone is a pleasure to deal with’. Some say the clerking is ‘the best of any family law set’; ‘the well-oiled machine contains agile, proactive and always accommodating individuals’, who ‘know the meaning of personal service and ensure they always provide it’. Senior clerk Michael Reeves is ‘a total star’, first junior Paul Hennessy is ‘responsive, engaged and will always do his best for clients’, and second junior Kenny Martin also ‘stands out for praise’.”

Top Tier – Children law (including public and private law)

With ‘exceptional practitioners’, 4 Paper Buildings has ‘become increasingly stronger over the years’. In no break from tradition, the set appeared several times in the Supreme Court throughout 2016; five members were involved in the landmark case that determined the correct interpretation of “best interests” in the context of transfer applications under article 15 of Brussels II Revised Regulation 2003.

Children law (including public law and private law) – Leading silks

  • Alex Verdan QC – ‘He influences the court effortlessly.’
  • Henry Setright QC – ‘A tactical genius.’
  • Jo Delahunty QC – ‘She displays razor-sharp analysis and a clear sense of direction.’
  • Teertha Gupta QC – ‘He is quick to see the tactical arguments and always develops a great rapport with clients.’
  • Alison Grief QC – ‘She takes a forensic approach to every case and leaves no stone unturned.’
  • Charles Hale QC – ‘He describes the most complicated circumstances in ways that are accessible to clients and judges alike.’
  • Catherine Wood QC – ‘Commands the respect of everyone, both in and out of the courtroom.’
  • Marcus Scott-Manderson QC – ‘Highly recommended for international proceedings.’
  • Kate Branigan QC – ‘A true pleasure to work with.’
  • Cyrus Larizadeh QC – ‘Excellent client care and preparation.’

Children law (including public law and private law) – Leading juniors

  • Barbara Mills – ‘She couples the ability to be appropriately tenacious with a down-to-earth pragmatism.’
  • Dorothea Gartland – ‘She has an incredible eye for detail.’
  • Judith Murray – ‘Impressive and persuasive in court, and charm personified as an opponent.’
  • Joy Brereton – ‘She works ridiculously hard and is meticulous on paper and clever on her feet.’
  • Michael Gration – ‘Clever and modest.’
  • Sam King – ‘She is a strong lawyer and an excellent advocate.’
  • Brian Jubb – ‘A specialist in public law cases.’
  • Jacqueline Renton – ‘One of a number of specialist junior counsel in the field of child abduction.’
  • Justine Johnston – ‘She is hugely experienced, and brings real authority and gravitas to a case.’
  • Mark Jarman – ‘Approachable, helpful and very good with clients.’
  • Sally Bradley – ‘Her knowledge is unmatched.’
  • Samantha Woodham – ‘Recommended for cases that require sensitive management.’
  • Rebecca Foulkes – ‘Extremely clever, diligent and thorough.’
  • Francesca Dowse – ‘She will fight for the best outcome for her clients and is a fantastic tactician..’

Family law (including divorce and financial remedy) – Leading sets – Ranked: Tier 2

4 Paper Buildings contains ‘some excellent family silks and a good range of juniors’. Members continue to demonstrate their strengths in cases involving financial orders for unmarried parents, internationally complex divorces and arbitration.

Family law (including divorce and financial remedy) – Leading silks

Family law (including divorce and financial remedy) – Leading juniors

  • Henry Clayton – ‘A first-class junior.’
  • Judith Murray – ‘Her strengths undoubtedly lie in her ability to maintain a cool and calm head in stressful situations.’
  • James Copley – ‘His forensic analysis and preparation are a winning formula.’
  • Samantha Woodham – ‘She is excellent in difficult money cases involving a need for sensitive management.’
  • Nicholas Fairbank – ‘Intelligent and very analytical.’
  • Stephen Lyon – ‘A fantastically thorough advocate.’
  • Francesca Dowse – ‘She has a very persuasive style in court and instils great confidence in clients..’