4PB Panel of experts host a mock arbitration for Irwin Mitchell.

The complexities of International relocation often need more time, more thought and more attention, all of which can often be better served in an arbitration setting.

A 4PB panel will host a mock arbitration examining arising issues, taking place on 23rd June, from 8.30am to 10am.


Stephen Lyon writes for ePrivate Client on whether arbitration is the right route to resolution in a more complex divorce.

Stephen Lyon examines whether arbitration is right for those in protracted or bitter divorce proceedings and outlines the sanctions a court can impose that are not available to an arbitrator.

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Cyrus Larizadeh QC, appointed by the UK Government to train lawyers in Bermuda.

Cyrus Larizadeh QC has been appointed by the UK Government to create a framework for Litigation Guardians in Bermuda and to train their lawyers in the representation of children the next 12 months. He has been invited to visit the island to work with the family justice community to create the best tandem model going forward.



Anita Mehta writes for the FT Adviser.

In an article for the FT Adviser, Anita Mehta reflects on the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates, looking at separation agreements, the advantages of them and the courts approach to them.

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Charles Hale QC writes for CityWealth.

Charles Hale QC joins other leading lawyers, writing for CityWealth, in an article debunking four common divorce myths.

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Nicholas Fairbank and Klara Slater, write for ePrivate Client about Arbitration in divorce proceedings.

Nicholas Fairbank and Klara Slater write for ePrivate Client on the advantages, and the ‘cloak if invisibility’, arbitration offers high net worth individuals.

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