23/01/13 Alex Verdan QC
Alex Verdan QC has been called to the bar in the British Virgin Islands.
07/01/13 Christopher Hames
Christopher Hames has represented, pro bono, Mrs Jennifer Jones in the High Court and the Court of Appeal during her ongoing disputes concerning her 5 children. The case received widespread media coverage when Mrs Jones disappeared with 4 of the children following a summary return order to Spain under the Hague Convention and then a Tipstaff collection order. While 3 of the children are now in Spain with their father, 2 children were initially placed in local authority care but have now been returned to the care of their mother in Wales
04/01/13 London Marathon
Two members of our clerking team, Kenny Martin and Jamie Byrne, are running in the London Marathon this year to raise money for two different worthwhile childrens charities. To view their fundraising pages and donate please click on the links Kenny Martin's fundraising page and Jamie Byrne's  fundraising page
02/01/13 Mini-Pupillage Applications
Applications for mini-pupillages in March and April 2013 are now being considered, the closing date is 31st January.  For further information click here
29/11/12 FLBA Lecture
Alex Verdan QC is speaking at the FLBA lecture tonight on 'Leave to Remove'.
26/11/12 Rex Howling QC
Congratulations to Rex Howling QC who has been elected on to the FLBA committee.
20/11/12 Recorder Appointments
Congratulations to Barbara Mills and Alison Grief who have been sworn in as Recorders by Mrs Justice Parker.
19/11/12 Re C (Children) (2012)
Rex Howling QC appeared in the Court of Appeal (Rix, Black, Lewison LJJ)  in Re C (Children) on 14th November.  For further information click here
12/11/12 Movember
David Williams is taking part in Movember the charity promoting mens health awareness in particular testicular and prostate cancer.  If you would like to make a donation or see how his ‘movember’ is panning out you can do so at 
12/11/12 House of Commons Justice Select Committee
Andrew Powell represented the FLBA with Janet Bazley QC of 1 Garden Court) at  the House of Commons Justice Select Committee last week.
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