Court of Protection Seminar

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 governs the making of decisions in relation to vulnerable adults who lack the capacity to decide for themselves, bringing together under the umbrella of a new Court of Protection the types of applications which used to be heard either under the Act’s predecessor (for financial decisions) or under the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court (for welfare decisions).

1996 Hague Convention Seminar- Postponed

The 4 Paper Buildings Seminar on the 1996 Hague Convention has been re-scheduled from 25th March 2011 to a date to be fixed in June/July 2011. Notification of the re-arranged date will be circulated in the near future.

Lecture to Farrer & Co Solicitors

In January 2011 Michael Sternberg QC and Alex Verdan QC each gave a lecture to Farrer & Co Solicitors.