Radicalisation in the Family Courts: Part 1: An Introduction

7th March 2016

This is the first in a series of articles tracing the development of cases – and case law – in the family courts concerning radicalisation and extremism.

Other agencies – both the Police and the state more generally – had, for some years, been grappling with the impact of such issues on national security principally addressed through the criminal courts.

In this first piece we will consider the President’s Guidance issued in October 2015 and the reported cases in the area. Further articles will examine the practicalities involved in such cases in greater detail and provide updates as further decisions are published including the President’s decision in Re X (Children) (No 3 [2015] EWHC 3651, [2016] FLR (forthcoming).

This introduction emphasises the material available to assist practitioners confronted with such cases. An awareness and familiarity with the President’s Guidance and the existing published judgments is the essential foundation from which to build.

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Jo Delahunty KC
Chris Barnes