L B Islington v Al Alas and Wray ; the vitamin D and rickets case

1st June 2012


Jo Delahunty KC

In the recent high profile case LB Islington v Al Alas and Wray [2012] EWHC 865 Fam), [2012] 2 FLR (forthcoming) there were allegations that the parents had inflicted multiple fractures to, and caused the death of, a first born baby Jayden, prompting the local authority to commence proceedings in relation to a second child, Jayda. The assessment of risk posed to Jayda by her parents was entirely dependent on findings in relation to the injuries allegedly inflicted upon her brother.

Jayden Al Alas Wray (born on 7 March 2009; died on 25 July 2009) was said by the London Borough of Islington to be a victim of baby shaking, demonstrated by the classic TRIAD of injuries (subdural haematoma, encephalopathy and retinal haemorrhages) to which fractures at multiple sites and of varying ages added additional evidence of violence to substantiate death through non-accidental injury (NAI). At the conclusion of a 6 week fact-finding hearing before Theis J all allegations against the parents were found not proven.


Jo Delahunty KC

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