Samantha Woodham comments on Ariana Grande’s $1.25 million divorce settlement and contributing factors to it’s simplicity

20th March 2024

Samantha Woodham was quoted in today’s Hello! Magazine on why Ariana Grande’s divorce from Dalton Gomez has played out so smoothly.

Samantha commented,

“From an English law perspective, it’s unsurprising Ariana’s divorce has gone through without a hitch. It was a short marriage with both spouses working and no children involved, and they had the benefit of a pre-nuptial agreement which it is likely they followed. If for any reason Ariana failed to pay the settlement (and there is no indication that she would), Dalton could enforce the order against her assets.

When it comes to Ethan and Lilly’s divorce, their son’s welfare and needs will be hugely important. Under English law, first consideration would go to their son’s financial needs, and when it comes to the division of his care, his bests interests would be paramount. So there are more considerations.

Having said that, in both the US and the UK there is a huge appetite for amicable divorces, ditching the stigma of divorce and focussing on positive futures rather than long, drawn out legal acrimony. Couples here are increasing sharing a lawyer to dial down the drama and shortcut to the answer. Lets hope Ethan and Lilly can do the same.”

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