Prof. Jo Delahunty QC addresses ‘Diversity in the Legal Profession’, in her last lecture for Gresham College.

31st March 2021

In this, my final lecture as Gresham Professor of Law, I am joined by Derek Sweeting QC , Chair of the Bar Council  who, despite the enormous demands on his time, joins me in discussion with Mass Ndow Njie of Bridging The Bar, Brie Stevens Hoare QC and Toby Coupe.

The purpose of my ‘signing off’ lecture is to celebrate the hard work that is done to make the Bar an inclusive, diverse profession that welcomes men and woman from all walks of life and backgrounds. I have talked, frankly and publicly, about the problems we have in our working world during my years as your Professor of Law in order to stimulate  debate and trigger a culture shift. Now I want to focus on why it is a profession worth entering , what changes are in motion to develop it to reflect the society it serves and what we need to see in court rooms across the land to know that change has happened. What will the Bar look like in a year, five years, a decade on ? That’s the future we need to talk of and aspire to create. ‘

It’s tried to use the platform for good. It’s been a lonely and scary place to occupy at times but I would like to think I made a difference. I remain at Gresham as Emeritus Prof of Law, Fellow and Trustee.

To register for the online lecture taking place at 6pm on Thursday 1st April, click here.