President commends Christopher Hames for Pro Bono work

3rd September 2013

The President delivered judgment in HM Solicitor-General –v-Jones on 21st August 2013. In dismissing the application to commit Mrs Jones who was represented pro bono by Christopher Hames of 4 PB the President said:

“Mr Hames has been acting for the mother pro bono, as have the solicitors who instruct him. For that both he and they deserve her thanks and mine. There can be no higher call on the honour of the Bar than when one of its members is asked to act for no fee on behalf of a client facing imprisonment. The Bar, I am sure, will never fail in its obligation to stand between the Crown and the subject in such a case. And the same goes, I am sure, for the other profession. But it is disconcerting that something so fundamental – the right to a proper defence when a great officer of state seeks to have you imprisoned – should be dependent upon the willingness of the Bar and its instructing solicitors to act without fee.”

Alex Verdan QC, Head of Chambers at 4 PB said “We are very proud of Chris’ commitment to ensuring that his client was properly represented throughout this case. He has acted in the highest traditions of the Bar and reflects 4PB’s commitment to access to justice.’