Supreme Court hands down landmark judgment in Re B

The Supreme Court has delivered judgment in Re B [2013] UKSC 33 which has wide ranging implications for all public law children cases.  Alex verdan QC represented the child in the case, leading Elizabeth Woodcraft and they were both assisted by Julia Townend.  To read a short article about the case click here


White Paper Conference

Kate Branigan QC is chairing and speaking at the White paper Conference ‘Children Law: Shaping New Cases into Highly Presuasive Advice for clients in London on 11th June.  She is joined by Teertha Gupta QC who is speaking on Child Abduction and Rhiannon Lloyd who is speaking on Custody Disputes.


London Resolution Seminar

Alex Verdan QC and Sam King are speaking to the London Resolution this evening.  Their talk is entitled “All that He/She Wants is Another Baby” Developments and current trends in alternative family disputes and surrogacy arrangements.


4PB International Child Law Group legal aid response in the media

The 4PB International Child Law Group’s response to the government’s consultation on legal aid was quoted by the BBC on 4th June, highlighting the concern about the impact on international disputes involving children. To read the response again click here


FLBA Executive Summary to MoJ ‘Transforming Legal Aid’ consultation

The Family Law Bar Association has responded to the Ministry of Justice Consultation Paper ‘Transforming Legal Aid’. To view the executive summary click here.

The FLBA expresses concern that the proposals will have a detrimental effect upon the most vulnerable people in society, particularly women and children, and will deny them legal representation in cases that have a fundamental impact upon their future lives. To see the full response, click here


4PB members join legal aid ‘demonstration to save justice’

Members of chambers offered their support  by participating in a demonstration outside the Ministry of Justice protesting against the proposed cuts to legal aid on 4th June. Speakers at the demonstration included: Dinah Rose QC, Geoffrey Robertson QC,  Michael Fordham QC,  David Lammy MP and Jeremy Corbyn MP. To read the FLBA’s executive summary in response to the Ministry of Justice legal aid consultation, click here