Legal 500

14th September 2016

We are delighted to be recommended in the Top Tier for Children Law and in Band 2 for our Family Finance work.  This year we have a record of 12 QC and 17 Juniors recommended as Leaders in the Field of Family Law.

The Legal 500 – 2016 summaries the set:

4 Paper Buildings is ‘a go-to chambers; whether it is Children Act, TOLATA, family finance or international children work, the expert barristers are all equally friendly, helpful and highly skilled advocates, leaving you confident you are in good hands when you have someone from this set on your team’. The clerking is also rated as ‘second to none’; ‘every clerk provides a service that evidences good leadership and personal commitment to the cases in chambers’, and ‘if barristers become unavailable, they work tirelessly to free up alternative counsel’. ‘One of the best clerks in London’, senior clerk Michael Reeves is ‘an absolute asset to chambers, who consistently exceeds expectations’ and ‘is straight-talking, understands matters from a commercial perspective and has shown excellent management in driving chambers forward’. First junior Paul Hennessy also ‘stands out for his understated charm and outstanding efficiency’.

4 Paper Buildings have once again been ranked as the only set in tier 1 for our Children law (including public and private law) work.

“At 4 Paper Buildings, ‘the entire chambers has an element of confidence and class about it, never better epitomised than through the leadership’ of Alex Verdan QC. The set continues to dominate the market with six members appearing in Re J (a child) in the Court of Appeal and seven members appearing in Re B in the Supreme Court.”

Chambers is also ranked in tier two for our Family law (including divorce and financial remedy).

“4 Paper Buildings provides ‘a splendid service’, and ‘goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome’. Counsel were involved in Ramadani v Ramadani, a Slovenian divorce case now being heard in the English High Court. The general trend of internationalisation of divorce and financial remedy work is at the forefront of many members’ practices.”

12 QCs are listed in the “Leading silks” list, The Legal 500 United Kingdom 2016’s guide to outstanding silks nationwide in the areas of Children Law:

Alison Grief QC
“Always a first choice for any complex medical children matter; she has excellent forensic analysis.”

Catherine Wood QC
“She is an extremely reassuring presence in the courtroom and fights hard for her clients.”

Charles Hale QC
“He comes alive when he gets on his feet and leaves clients feeling supported and comfortable.”

David Williams QC
“A master in his field.”

Jonathan Cohen QC
“His years of experience quickly becoming evident; he rightly commands great respect in court.”

Kate Branigan QC
“She is equally at home with a fiercely direct style as with the ?iron hand in velvet glove? approach.”

Marcus Scott-Manderson QC
“Experienced in Hague Convention matters.”

Alex Verdan QC
“Confident and classy.”

Henry Setright QC
“He knows his Hague Conventions the way others know the ABC.”

Jo Delahunty QC
“She is an absolute force of nature and a star in court.”

Teertha Gupta QC
“He has an incredible ability to strategise the case from start to finish, and he sees unique angles and nuances.”

Cyrus Larizadeh QC
“His advocacy is second to none and he always knows the facts of the case inside and out.”

The following QCs are listed in the “Leading silks” list, The Legal 500 United Kingdom 2016’s guide to outstanding silks nationwide in the areas Family law (including divorce and financial remedy)

Charles Hale QC
“A master tactician with a fine grasp of detail and an excellent manner with clients.”

Jonathan Cohen QC
“He rightly commands great respect in court.”

Michael Sternberg QC
“A high-value financial remedy expert.”

17 barristers are listed in the “Leading juniors” list, The Legal 500 United Kingdom 2016’s guide to outstanding juniors nationwide in the area of Children Law:

Brian Jubb
“He is incredibly polite and always willing to listen.”

Dorothea Gartland
“She has a human touch while being professional and formidable in court.”

Jacqueline Renton
“She is a pocket battleship, out-manoeuvring and out-gunning opponents.”

Joy Brereton
“Her preparation is top notch.”

Judith Murray
“Calm and collected, and always one step ahead of the game.”

Justine Johnston
“She is a real fighter and someone you definitely want on your side in a difficult dispute.”

Mark Jarman
“His advocacy is superb.”

Michael Gration
“His written work is outstanding and his oral advocacy skills appear effortless; an undoubted silk in the making.”

Rebecca Foulkes
“She has a good forensic brain and an excellent grasp on the long-term strategic plan in a case.”

Sally Bradley
“Very good with vulnerable clients”

Sam King
“A sexual abuse case expert.”

Samantha Woodham
“A rising star in terms of her client skills and advocacy.”

Barbara Mills
“She has an ability to quietly destroy the other side’s case.”

The “Leading juniors” list, The Legal 500 United Kingdom 2016’s guide to outstanding juniors nationwide in the area of Family law (including divorce and financial remedy)

Henry Clayton
“The king of detail and astonishingly intelligent.”

James Copley
“Well acquainted with property and family law so perfect for TOLATA cases; he is very thorough and good on detail.”

Judith Murray
“She is calm and collected and always one step ahead of the game, providing pragmatic and sensible advice.”

Nicholas Fairbank
“A first-class heavyweight junior, who is very subtle and composed, no matter how tricky the situation.”

Samantha Woodham
“Incredible with clients and feisty if needs be.”

Stephen Lyon
“Excellent with vulnerable clients; he can be sensitive as well as robust, making him very adaptable.”