Baroness Patricia Scotland QC

7th December 2015

All at 4PB are delighted to warmly congratulate Baroness Scotland PC QC, one of our members, on her appointment on 27 November 2015 as the 6th Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

She has had a career of “firsts”:

Baroness Scotland was the first black woman to be appointed QC in 1991.

In 2007 Baroness Scotland was appointed Attorney General by Prime Minister She was the first woman to hold the office since its foundation in 1315. She held the post for 3 years

She previously served as a Minister of State in the Home Office from May 2003 to May 2007.

She is Chancellor of the University of Greenwich.

She is a Patron of the Three Faiths Forum which runs education, engagement and action programmes that bring diverse communities together in the UK.

Baroness Scotland is also the Patron of the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence and Children and Families Across Borders.

Baroness Scotland was voted Peer of the Year by Channel 4 in 2007.

Patricia Scotland is a truly remarkable person . She will serve this great institution of the Commonwealth with its 53 member states representing 2.3 billion people with dignity, drive, conviction.

She has set as her mission the reconstruction of a vibrant and dynamic Commonwealth of Nations, full of energy, commitment and direction. She has also committed herself to using the first two years of her tenure to promote amongst other objectives the decriminalization of homosexuality in the 40 of 53 Commonwealth countries that list homosexual behaviour as a crime.

The members of 4PB wish Patricia great success and much joy in her new appointment.