What are the costs of instructing a direct access barrister at 4PB?

The price will depend on the seniority of the barrister you’re working with and what work needs to be done. At 4 Paper Buildings we are family law specialists. Family law is all we do. We have a wide range of barristers qualified to work directly with the public, from bright and well-trained recently-qualified juniors to highly-renowned senior QCs with decades of court experience, and all levels in between. The fee you pay depends on the level of barrister appropriate for your particular needs and resources.

We like to be as open and upfront about our prices as possible, but unfortunately it’s impossible to give guidelines for costs because every family law case, and every client involved in one, is unique. What we can promise you is that you will never be surprised by the eventual cost of the work that a 4PB direct access barrister does for you: our prices are agreed, and fees need to be received, before the work is done. You retain control of what you spend, and your barrister concentrates on getting the job done.

Our barristers’ prices are dependent on a number of factors including the type of case, the type of hearing, and the amount of papers you have. The amount of papers affects the reading time that is required before conference and the level of preparation that needs to be done for the hearing, as your barrister will need to be fully appraised of all the relevant facts and circumstances in order to present the case in the most effective way. The fixed prices we offer are generally worked out on the broad basis of an hourly rate for an estimate of the preparation time and hearing time involved in your case.

Fees must be agreed in advance and paid before the barrister will undertake the work. We will have a conversation with you the appropriate schedule of payments in your case.

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