How do I put my papers in order for my direct access barrister?

The better organised your papers are, the easier it will be for your direct access barrister to put together the elements of your case, advise you on it and present it to the court. You will need to send your barrister the following papers (‘a bundle’), in A4 folders (or scanned and by email, by agreement), arranged like this, in date order from the earliest to the latest in each section:


  • Applications to the court and orders made by the court,
  • Statements and other documents filed at court,
  • Correspondence with the other side, and
  • Anything else you consider relevant.

At the start of the bundle, please include a document summarising your case, the most important points as you see them, and asking any specific questions you would like the barrister to advise you on. This document should start by showing the full names of all the parties involved and the children, and should also show the case number allocated to you by the court, and the name of the court in which the case is being heard.

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