How can a direct access barrister help me?

What is a direct access barrister? By coming directly to a direct, or public access, barrister at 4PB to help you with your family law case, you will get excellent advice and/or court representation at a fixed price that works for your personal circumstances. 4PB’s family law barristers know the courts, and the courts know the barristers. 4PB’s specialist family law barristers can draw on their years of training and experience to find the right way to present your case to the judge to get you the best possible outcome.

Using a direct access barrister means that you are technically a litigant-in-person before the court, and that the court papers and correspondence will be sent to you rather than to a legal advisor. However, your barrister will still be able to advise you about the implications of the documents you receive, and guide you in your responses.

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