Children: Public Law Update (February 2016)

24th February 2016


John Tughan KC

An Article for Family Law Week

In this update John Tughan QC considers:

  • A further update to some already discussed authorities relating to the issue of whether to make adoption orders when there is a natural family member available and the child has been placed for adoption;
  • A case on the evidential weight to be afforded an ABE process that was seriously flawed;
  • An example of the judicial reasoning not meeting the necessary “holistic” approach;
  • An appeal from an order in which the mother was ordered to pay the costs of the intervenor in the care proceedings;
  • An overview of adoption law generally and adoption law in relation to international issues more specifically;
  • A successful civil claim for damages against a local authority following breach of the s20 process, with damages assessed.

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John Tughan KC

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