Alternative Families Seminar

24th May 2012

The recent Court of Appeal cases of A v B and C [2012] EWCA Civ 285, in which Alex Verdan QC and Charles Hale represented the successful appellant and T v T (Joint Residence) [2010] EWCA Civ 1366 [2011] 1 FCR 267, in which Alex Verdan QC and Sam King represented the successful Respondent, have highlighted again the complicated and important legal issues arising in children cases in alternative families, in particular, the relationship of such children with their fathers, the significance of pre birth parenting agreements and the sharing of parental responsibility. The Court of Appeal acknowledged that the courts continue to struggle to evolve a principled approach to cases such as these. It has previously been observed that this is “still new territory” where conventional models would not necessarily work and “a distinct concept of parenting and parental roles” was maybe necessary.

At the seminar, which was held in May 2012, Sam King and Charles Hale addressed the legal issues and Dr Sturge, a recognised expert in the field, was the guest speaker who addressed the psychological issues with Alternative Families.


Alex Verdan KC
Sam King KC
Charles Hale KC

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