Early Neutral Evaluation/Private FDRs

4PB’s senior barristers offer Early Neutral Evaluation/Private FDRs to assist those involved in a family law dispute to understand the likely impact of different factors on the processes of a family court, and to gain an indication of what the outcome of court proceedings might be. This may raise the likelihood of a settlement and avoid a final court hearing.

  • Early neutral evaluation is available for finance and property disputes (where it might be termed ‘Private FDR’) and for children issues.
  • When all the relevant evidence is available, it is sent to the senior family law barrister conducting the early neutral evaluation for review.
  • Both people involved and their legal representatives meet the senior barrister who will evaluate and explain the respective merits of each person’s case, and suggest what the court might decide on the evidence.
  • The senior barrister acting as an early neutral evaluator has no power to decide what should happen next – that decision remains with the people involved, advised by their legal teams.
  • The evaluation procedure is confidential, cost-effective and promotes settlement in family law matters. even when the dispute is at an advanced stage.

If you would like more information about how early neutral evaluation by a senior family law barrister at 4PB could assist you or your client, please contact our Practice Mangers, on 0207 427 5200.

Specialist Early Neutral Evaluation/FDRs Barristers