Private Children Law

4 Paper Buildings' specialist children law barristers have a distinguished history of providing advice and advocacy in disputes between parents about children's arrnagements for all sectors of society, in all levels of court, in London and throughout England and Wales.

4 Paper Buildings' expert family law barristers provide:

  • Advice, written and in person
  • Representation and advocacy in court
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative law
  • Early neutral evaluation

on all issues relating to the care and upbringing of children arising as a result of the end of a relationship through divorce, dissolution, seperation or death

Areas of disagreement may include arrangements for where the children should live or what time they should spend with each parent, specific issues such as schooling or medical treatment, or taking children aboard temporarily or permanently.

Our specialist family barristers also have experience  of representing grandparents and other family members, complex and intractable disputes, enforcement of orders relating to children's arrangements, and protecting children from publicity.

4PB's barristers have significant experience in urgent cases requiring injunctions, wardship or involving the inherent jurisdiction of the courts.  They are leaders in the fields of adoption and surrogacy, the law relating to assisted conception, gay and lesbian co-parenting, and forced marriage.

4 Paper Buildings houses leading experts on the international movement of children, and children's financial arrangements after parental seperation.