09/09/14 A Tale of Two Cities: Where Shall we Divorce Dear?
David Williams QC, Teertha Gupta QC and Henry Clayton presented ‘A Tale of Two Cities: Where Shall we Divorce Dear?’  to Charles Russell LLP on 9.9.14. The seminar considered jurisdiction on divorce, choice of forum and stays. You can download the paper here.
08/09/14 Pegasus Scholarship
Rachel Chisholm and Michael Edwards have been awarded a Pegasus Scholarship to work in Sarajevo for three months. They will be working for an NGO called Trial on war crimes and human rights cases. They have set up a blog, ‘Balkan Brief’, to keep in touch while they are away. The blog can be found at: They left at the weekend.
01/09/14 First Private Law Children Early Neutral Evaluation
Alex Verdan QC  and Harry Nosworthy represent a father in the first private law children early neutral evaluation. For more information click here.
20/08/14 Chambers and Partners Awards 2014 Nominations
We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated as Family Law Set of the Year and Judith Murray has been nominated as Family Junior of the Year at the forthcoming Chambers and Partners Awards
19/08/14 Re G (a child) (contact: long term foster care) [2014] EWCA Civ 1173
Cyrus Larizadeh sucessfully represented a father pro bono in the Court of Appeal. He has sought costs against the Respondent Local Authority in favour of the access to justice foundation - there will be a judgment on the issue of pro bono costs in October in this case. 
12/08/14 Sports Law
Congratulations to Ruth Kirby, Michael Edwards and Harry Nosworthy who have all been awarded a post-graduate certificate in Sports Law from De Montfort University.
01/08/14 Sophie Connors
We are delighted to announce that Sophie Connors will be returning to practice after her period of maternity leave on 5th August.
29/07/14 Jacqueline Renton
Jacqueline Renton represented the mother in English wardship proceedings which led in turn to the successful enforcement of English return orders in the Russian court  utilising the 1996 Hague Convention for the first time ever. The mother’s 2 children were abducted by the respondent to Russia in December 2012, resulting in their separation from the mother (who has sole residence for all 3 children) and their younger brother. The children were happily returned to this jurisdiction in the care of the Mother in early July 2014. To read the Telegraph article click here  
23/07/14 Response to European Commission consultation on BIIR
The 4PB International Child Law Group has submitted a response to the European Commission consultation on BIIR. You can read it here.
23/07/14 Jordan's Family Law Awards
Congratulations to Henry Setright QC and Michael Edwards who have both been shortlisted for a Family Law Award.  Henry Setright QC has been shortlisted for Family QC of the Year, and Michael Edwards as Family Law Young Barrister of the Year.